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Assam Broken Leaf

Assam Broken Leaf

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"Broken Leaf Assam" refers to a type of black tea from the Assam region of India. In the context of tea grading, the term "broken leaf" indicates the size of the tea leaves. Tea leaves are categorized into different grades based on their size and appearance, and broken leaf tea falls into a category between whole leaf and tea dust or fannings.

Broken leaf teas are broken into smaller pieces during processing, and they typically brew a stronger, brisker cup of tea compared to whole leaf teas. The broken leaves release flavor more quickly during brewing, resulting in a robust and bold infusion. Assam teas, known for their malty and robust characteristics, are often favored for breakfast blends.

Tea from the Assam region in India is renowned for its bold and rich flavor profile, which makes it a popular choice for those who enjoy strong black teas. Whether you're having it plain or with milk and sugar, Broken Leaf Assam can offer a hearty and satisfying cup of tea.
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